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Author Instructions


Manuscripts of submitted papers should observe style conventions as exemplified in Tire Science and Technology.

Regular Manuscript: A Regular Manuscript provides a comprehensive discussion on a scientific or technical topic. The content is presented in depth and undergoes an unbiased peer review. Articles with primarily commercial objectives will not be published.
Technical Note: A Technical Note is a focused scientific or technical contribution. A shorter format is expected to enable a faster review period and quicker publication. As always, submissions to the journal should have primarily scientific objectives. Articles with primarily commercial objectives will not be published. The content should comprise up to 12000 characters (including blanks), have up to 4 figures and not exceed 5 pages.
Editorial/Obituary: An Editorial/Obituary or other communication is initiated on demand and by invitation through the Editor-in-Chief.

Order of Assembly:

  1. title page (including the author's complete mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address),
  2. abstract and key words,
  3. body of manuscript,
  4. references,
  5. list of table captions, tables
  6. list of figure captions, figures

Example of Topics

  • Tire Performance / Mechanics
  • Properties of Tire Materials
  • Fracture and Adhesion in Tires
  • Aging and Endurance of Tires
  • Tire Design and Development
  • Rolling Resistance / Traction / Tread Wear
  • Tire Performance on Non-Dry / Deformable Serfaces
  • Tire Influence on Ride / Harshness
  • Tire Noise
  • Advances in Tire Manufacturing Processes
  • Tire Testing Procedure Development and Application
  • Predictive Models
  • Techniques for Model and Laboratory Test Validation
  • Tire/Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tire Interaction with Electronic Stability Control
  • Tire requirements for future vehicles (e.g., fuel cell, hybrid)
  • Applications of intelligent tire technology
  • Examples of Virtual Tire Development

SI units should be used throughout the text and on the figures; authors may include other units in parentheses.

Only papers not previously published will be accepted, and the author must agree not to publish elsewhere a paper submitted to and accepted by the Journal.

View Sample Manuscript
View Sample Manuscript in Microsoft Word format

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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