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Accepted Manuscript

Research Article December 14 2020
Dynamic Behavior of Fractional Viscoelastic Tire Tread Blocks on Different Ice Surfaces
Research Article December 3 2020
Bioenveloping Inorganic Filler-Based Eggshell Wastes for Enhancing the Properties of Natural Rubber Biocomposites
Research Article December 3 2020
Development of a Characterization Method of Tire-Handling Dynamics Based on an Optical Measuring System
Research Article October 15 2020
Modeling Vibration-Induced Tire-Pavement Interaction Noise in the Mid-frequency Range
Research Article July 21 2020
In-Plane Bending and Shear Deformation of Belt Contributions on Tire Cornering Stiffness Characteristics
Research Article May 29 2020
Effect of Tread Design Changes on Tire Patch Dynamics at High Speeds Using a Dynamic Contact Force Measurement Rig
Research Article April 29 2020
Experimental Comparison of Speed-Dependent Rolling Coefficients in Small Cycling Tires
Research Article March 31 2020
Variable Modulus Approach to Optimize Tire Rolling Resistance
Research Article March 27 2020
Rolling Resistance Evaluation of Winter Tires on In-Service Road Surfaces
Research Article March 20 2020
Influence of Waveforms on Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics of Tire Tread Rubber using Finite Element Analysis
Research Article March 11 2020
Analysis and Prediction of Tire Cornering Properties for Different Inflation Pressures Based on Deflection Control
Research Article February 19 2020
Incremental, Critical Plane Analysis of Standing Wave Development, Self-Heating, and Fatigue during Regulatory High-Speed Tire Testing Protocols
Research Article February 7 2020
Finite Element Modeling and Critical Plane Analysis of a Cut-and-Chip Experiment for Rubber
Research Article January 22 2020
Experimental Investigation and Simulation of Aircraft Tire Wear
Research Article October 18 2019
Effects of Different Tire Operating Conditions on Transient Lateral Tire Response
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