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Accepted Manuscript

Research Article June 4 2024
Influence of Tire-Enveloping Model Complexity on High-Frequency Simulations
Research Article April 30 2024
Fidelity of Finite Element–Based Virtual Tire Assembly Models Used for Vehicle Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Structural-Borne Noise Performance Considering Vibrational Modal and Steady-State Dynamic Simulation
Research Article February 5 2024
Determination of Penetration Depth and Excited Volume of Rubber in Klüppel Friction Theory from Friction Law
Research Article December 27 2023
Tire Performance and Testing under Longitudinal and Combined Slip States: Induced vs Resultant Wheel-Related Slip
Research Article October 11 2023
Target Conflict for Force Transmission in Lateral and Longitudinal Direction of Rotated Tread Block Samples on Different Road Surfaces (Dry, Wet, Snow, and Ice)
Research Article October 11 2023
Modelling Intrinsic Sources of Nonuniformity and Their Interplay
Research Article October 3 2023
Measurement of Contact Patch Pressure Behaviors in High-Speed Dynamic Conditions
Research Article September 15 2023
Generation of SWIFT Models Virtually Using FE Analysis: Application to Cleat Simulations
Research Article August 23 2023
Analysis of Off-Road Tire Cornering Characteristics by Using Advanced Analytical Techniques
Research Article June 22 2023
Predicting Residual Casing Life of a Tire following an Impact Event
Research Article May 12 2023
Tires for Mars Rovers: Reinforcing BR and BR/Vinyl-Methyl Silicone Rubber Compounds with Carbon Black, Nano-CaCO3, or Silica for Good Low-Temperature Dynamic-Mechanical Performance
Research Article May 12 2023
Thermomechanical Modeling of Aircraft Tire–Runway Contact for Transient Maneuvers
Research Article April 20 2023
Crystallinity of Recycled PET Fibers from Chemical and Mechanical Reprocessing
Research Article April 19 2023
Experimental Validation of Elliptical Contact Patch Tire Model
Research Article March 22 2023
A Study on Self-Sustained Vibrations of a Tire Operating above Peak Friction
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