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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 133,
Issue 1
March 2021


Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza,
Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto
de Biotecnología y Ecología Aplicada

ISSN: 1559-4491

eISSN: 1938-5447

About this Journal

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology is an international quarterly publication for professional and amateur ornithologists. Each issue consists of original research articles on bird ecology, evolution, and conservation, short communications describing observations of particular interest, and reviews of new books on birds.... Read More About the Journal

Online Early Articles

Edwards Prize winners for best research paper published in the most-recent volume of the WJO

2020 Edwards Award Prize Winner

Paul W. Sykes, Jr., Mary C. Freeman, Joan J. Sykes, John T. Seginak, M. David Oleyar, and Joshua P. Egan. 2019. Annual survival, site fidelity, and longevity in the eastern coastal population of the Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 131 (1): 96-110;

2019 Edwards Prize winner:

Mieke Titulaer, Alicia Melgoza-Castillo, Alberto Macías-Duarte, and Arvind O. Panjabi. 2018. Seed size, bill morphology, and handling time influence preferences for native vs. nonnative grass seeds in three declining sparrows. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 130 (2): 445-456;

2018 Edwards Prize winner:

Martin Nyffeler, Michael R. Maxwell, and J. V. Remsen, Jr. 2017. Bird predation by praying mantises: a global perspective. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129:331-344;

2017 Edwards Prize winner:

Maria Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez, Rachel J. Sturge, and Kevin E. Omland. 2016. Morphological and genetic variation of the Yellow-backed Oriole (Icterus chrysater) across its widely disjunct distribution in Central America. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 128:22-31;

2016 Edwards Prize winner:

Peter A. Hosner, Michael J. Andersen, Mark B. Robbins, Abraham Urbay-Tello, Luis Cueto-Aparicio, Karen Verde-Guerra, Luis A. Sánchez-González, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza, Roger L. Boyd, Jano Núñez, Jorge Tiravanti, Mariela Combe, Hannah L. Owens, and A. Townsend Peterson. 2015. Avifaunal surveys of the Upper Apurímac River Valley, Ayacucho and Cuzco Departments, Peru: new distributional records and biogeographic, taxonomic, and conservation implications. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127:563-581;

2015 Edwards Prize winner:

Jeremy J. Kirchman and Kathryn J. Schneider. 2014. Range expansion and the breakdown of Bergmann’s Rule in Red-Bellied Woodpeckers (Melanerpes carolinus). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126:236-248;

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Student Mentorship

WOS prides itself on maintaining a strong focus on students and early career ornithologists.

Prize Winning Papers

The Wilson Ornithological Society is happy to provide you with Open Access to papers that have won our major publication awards.
2019 Edwards Prize winner, for the best research paper published in the most recent volume of the WJO: [linked title and author names]
Previous Edwards Prize papers can be found Here.
2019 Margaret Morse Nice Award Lecture paper: [linked title and author]
Previous Margaret Morse Nice Medal winners can be found Here.

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