We present the first nest description for the Lawrence's Thrush (Turdus lawrencii), found on 9 February 2011 in the lowland tropical forest at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station, Orellana province, Ecuador. The nest was situated 1.6 m off the ground, tucked in the hollow end of a broken dead tree. The open-cup nest conformed to the shape of the depression in which it was built, and averaged 13.0 cm in diameter and 6.6 cm in depth. The inner cup diameter averaged 8 cm and the maximum depth was 4 cm. The nest was constructed of moss, leafy liverworts, and fungal rhizoids held together with mud. During 6.5 hrs of observation on 13 and 14 February 2011, we observed the female feeding the nestlings while the male remained in the vicinity of the nest. We conclude that the nest composition of Lawrence's Thrush is typical of other thrush species, and based on our limited behavioral data we also conclude parental care is comparable to other Turdus species.

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