During 2005–2010, we observed color bands on adult birds to discover one instance of triple brooding and multiple cases of double brooding in western Yellow-breasted Chats (Icteria virens auricollis) in the south Okanagan Valley, British Columbia (BC), Canada at the northern periphery of their breeding range. In the case of the triple brood, the first and second broods successfully fledged chats but the third brood failed. During the same period, 4.7% of banded females had double broods. Another 32 unidentified females for whom we are confident were the same females who initiated the first brood, also had double broods. If these females are included, 13% of chats had double broods. During 2002–2010, 57.8% first brood nests were successful and during 2005–2010, 69.2% second brood nests were successful.

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