Historically, the genus Schiffornis has been placed in different families; currently, it is placed within the Tityridae family. Our study focuses on Schiffornis stenorhyncha, recently split from Schiffornis turdina. S. stenorhyncha inhabits lowland humid forests in some regions of Panama, Colombia, and Venezuela. Based on one nest found at the foothills of the Magdalena Valley in Colombia during one field season in 2014, we provide the first nest description for S. stenorhyncha. We describe the cup-shaped nest (internal length and width: 22.9 and 18.1 mm, thickness of the nest wall: 30 mm, cup depth: 56.6 mm, external length, width, and height: 139.4 mm, 144.2 mm, 115.7 mm) and the light cream with dark purple spotted eggs (two eggs with average measures of 18.3 × 23.2 mm and 4.49 g) of S. stenorhyncha and present nesting information including nestling descriptions, incubation, and nestling periods (21 and 20 days, respectively), and nest attentiveness information in different stages of the nest (4.72 trips a day during incubation and 1.25 trips per hour during the nestling stage). We compare our findings with other Schiffornis species and related species in the Tityridae family.

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