BIRDS OF KRUGER NATIONAL PARK. Keith Barnes and Ken Behrens. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. 2017. 224 pages. More than 500 color photographs and several maps. ISBN:978-0-691-16126-6. $27.95 (paperback).

This is very fine book for any birder or ornithologist who plans to spend a weekend, a week, or a month in Kruger National Park. This book is designed for everyone, from beginners to avid birders, even if the latter will likely carry, in addition, a complete field guide to the birds of Southern Africa, as the small book under review covers only 259 out of the 500-plus species recorded in Kruger National Park.

I really like a number of things about the book. This small book has a nice format, a thick paper cover, and a strong binding. The design and layout of the book is clean and modern. The guide include precise and very informative maps on pages...

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