The breeding biology and natural history of Gray Tinamou (Tinamus tao) is poorly known. Camera traps and artificial feeding stations allowed us to study 2 nests and to observe courtship behavior at Copalinga Ecolodge, Zamora Chinchipe province, southeast Ecuador, between February and August 2014. Nests were shallow depressions in the leaf litter. One adult male incubated 2 turquoise eggs for at least 18 d at one nest, whereas the other nest was depredated. The fledglings and adult abandoned the nest 1 d after hatching. Courtship display included chasing, coordinated movements, soft rolling vocalizations, and mating. Further, we describe plumage development from a few days after hatching to 12–13 week old immature stage and discuss the species breeding biology in comparison to other Tinamidae species.

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