ENTER THE REALM OF THE GOLDEN EAGLE. Edited and authored by David H. Ellis. Hancock House Publishers, Blaine, Washington. 2013: 497 pages, hundreds of color and black and white photos, and dozens of black and white drawings. ISBN: 978-0-88839-705-8 $59.95 (hardcover).

Raptors have attracted more than their fair share of admiring writers over the years, including many scientists. A classic case in point is David H. Ellis who has been studying and writing about Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) for more than half a century. This, his most recent offering, serves up an effective mix of both old and new information about the species, both biological and sociological, that spans more than century of observations in ways that are likely to both please and inform the species' aficionados and its science followers.

The work is largely a lengthy homage to the species, the most geographically widespread of all eagles,...

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