We describe the breeding biology of the Yellow-browed Tyrant (Satrapa icterophrys) in a native forest of central eastern Argentina. We monitored 23 nests during 3 consecutive breeding seasons (2015–2018). The breeding season lasted from mid-October to late January and all nests were built in native tree species. Modal clutch size was 3 eggs, incubation period was ∼15 d, and nestling period lasted ∼16 d. Daily nest survival rate was 0.96, and the cumulative probability of nest survival in a nesting cycle was 26%. Our data contribute to the knowledge of the life history traits of south temperate bird species. As the Yellow-browed Tyrant only nested in native trees close to temporal or permanent water bodies, we highlight the importance of preserving this type of native habitat which is under threat as a result of overexploitation and development.

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