Little is known about the migration of the Gray-headed Lapwing (Vanellus cinereus). During the fall migration season of 2018, we tracked 3 birds from Guiyang Airport, China, a stopover site of Gray-headed Lapwing, in order to analyze their migratory and wintering movements by means of GPS-GSM satellite telemetry. We obtained 3 partial fall migration routes and 2 complete spring migration routes from September 2018 to July 2019. We identified E India and Bangladesh as their wintering ground and NE and E China as their breeding area. The spring migration covered 3,380 km and took 12 d on average (n = 2). Gray-headed Lapwings migrated at night, flying at speeds of 29.11–91.12 km/h. In winter, the mean home range area (95% utilization distribution) was 18.56 km2 (SD = 21.74, 3 birds) and the mean core area (50% utilization distribution) was 1.28 km2 (SD = 1.49, 3 birds).

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