Red-ruffed Fruitcrow (Pyroderus scutatus scutatus) occurs in humid forests of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. The bird has disappeared from many regions of Brazil due to deforestation but is still found in well-preserved forests as well as fragments surrounding large urban areas. The reproduction of the P. s. scutatus subspecies is not well known, with only 1 nest described. Given this scenario, we provide another nest description and information on this subspecies' reproduction and chicks, and document insect and small vertebrate feeding at a location near the largest urban area in South America. This record was made in 2018, in an Atlantic Forest reserve next to the city of São Paulo. We found 2 large chicks at a nest that differs from a previously described nest in having a simpler structure. Our record is remarkable because this nest was found in the degraded area of a forest fragment close to the large urban area, which is very different from the well-preserved areas of Atlantic Forest where the previously known nest was found. Since this reserve is close to a continuous and well-preserved region of Atlantic Forest, and has areas that are in good condition, we speculate that the location of this nest may have been chosen due to an available food supply. The discovery of this nest highlights the importance of forest fragments for the conservation of this cotingid.

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