This second edition of Birds of Ghana published in the Helm Field Guides series will please all birdwatchers willing to go birding in this country of West Africa. In 2001, the two authors, Nik Borrow and Ron Demey, produced an excellent book on the birds of Western Africa. However, considering its size and weight, that book was more likely to be consulted back at home at the end of a day in the field.

The second edition of Birds of Ghana is on all accounts excellent. The size and weight allow the book to fit in a backpack or even in the pocket of a raincoat. The country map (p. 9) showing the main cities, roads, rivers, and lakes is good although a scale would have been useful to figure the distances. The introduction (pp. 10–27) is standard and well-presented with all the necessary useful information.

The taxonomy followed includes...

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