This index includes references to common names, genera, species, and authors. Nomenclature follows the AOU Checklist of North and Middle American Birds (Seventh Edition and supplements), AOU Species Lists of Birds for South American Countries and Territories, and local convention for areas outside those authorities.

Aegolius acadicus, 269–275, 520–532

Aix sponsa, 378–393

Amador Vargas S. A potential wintering site of Swainson’s Hawks (Buteo swainsoni) in the North Pacific plains of Costa Rica with notes on their behavior, 575–581.

Ammospiza maritima, 224–231

Amphispiza bilineata, 593–599

Athene cunicularia, 400–405

Baeolophus bicolor, 378–393

Bartramia longicauda, 311–326, 502–511

Baumann MJ, Brant SV, Bauernfeind SM, Gerhart CRB, Williamson JL, Johnson AB, Spellman GM, Uhrig SR, West S, Witt CC. Freshwater parasites as potential barriers to seabird dispersal: Evidence from vagrant booby specimens in western North America, 327–344.


 Eastern, see Sialia sialis

 Mountain, see Sialia...

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