Identification of warblers confounds birders of all levels. Chris Earley’s Warblers of Eastern North America 2nd edition clearly addresses this challenge with a host of tools to aid both new and seasoned birders of all learning styles. This book brings warbler identification to the reader through stunning photographs, bold maps, and descriptive text.

Earley’s work is elegant in design and function. There are multiple plates per species to illustrate the male, female, juvenile, basic, and alternate plumages. The text is concise, incorporating comparisons to other species, descriptive sounds to listen for, and nature notes—all of which help greatly with identification through sight and sound. Earley even includes a beginning birder’s caution, asking the reader to take time observing field marks on these fast-moving birds before venturing into the text for identification.

Color identification cues dominate throughout the book. Page corners represent the throat color of the male warbler in spring....

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